The reason for choosing to hire us is very simple, has nothing to do with us it has to do with you and that is because you are a person, a unique individual, a human being and when you have a criminal charge, a traffic ticket, a DUI or any other charge pending you deserve to be treated not as a criminal but as a unique individual who deserves special attention and to be loved.

We love our clients. There is nothing greater and there is no greater satisfaction that we get than going through a process with a client and getting to know them and many times their families and possibly their employers and helping them through a difficult time. That is what makes our firm unique in that we practice law because we love people and we love helping people. In addition to that, we have the knowledge, the experience, and the training to get you the result that you are seeking. We will do everything within our power to work on your case and obtain a favorable outcome for you. We will leave no stone unturned in your defense and in resolving your case.

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As your traffic ticket attorney in Alabama, we are responsible for executing and devising a plan in order to provide you with relief from the charge that you have received. This includes many different aspects of you, your situation, the type of license you have, and your driving history. There are many issues discussed on this site concerning future violations, insurance issues, loss of professional license and other collateral damage that you will suffer if you are convicted of the charged offense in an Alabama traffic court.

There are really three options when it comes to a traffic citation in Alabama. The first option is for you to simply plead guilty. We do not recommend that you do this without an exploration of your case, the facts, and any defenses that might be available to you.

The second option would be to have a trial in your case. Traffic trials are always an option and if you are convicted in a lower municipal court or district court in Alabama then you have an automatic right of appeal to the circuit court in the county where the lower court is located. The appeal is de novo which means “to begin anew”. This means that the prosecutor may be the same as in the lower court but the judge will be different and you can have a jury trial if you choose to do that. In many circumstances, trial is looked at very closely but a trial is risky in many cases and a result cannot be guaranteed because you do not know what a judge or jury may do with your case.

The third option that you have is somewhere in the middle of these two and resolving your case by agreement. Many people charged in Alabama with a traffic ticket always think either I will plead guilty or I will go in and plead not guilty and have a trial. Many times lay people completely forget about the option of resolving the case somewhere in the middle. If you forgo the option then you also forgo the certainty that may be available to you if the case is resolved by agreement for a dismissal or a reduction to a non moving violation, etc.

Our job as your Alabama speeding ticket defense lawyers, is to work with you very closely to put together a plan of action in order to win your case. Winning a case can mean many different things in many different circumstances and clients. Our number one goal throughout the process is to resolve your case in a way that benefits you and to work towards a dismissal at every stage of the proceedings.

Call us today to discuss your traffic violation pending in the State of Alabama. Whether you are from Alabama or another state or another country, we can help you with your case that is pending in Alabama.