Over 100,000 traffic violations are written in this country every single day. A large majority of those people will simply pay their ticket and will not choose to contest the ticket or look for alternative means for resolution of the traffic ticket in Alabama. This is a huge mistake for many reasons and I will explain why below.

If you are living for today and simply want to resolve a situation so that it goes away today then paying your ticket and pleading guilty is the option that you think would alleviate your issues. However, that strategy is one that usually comes back to bite the person paying the ticket. The courts have made it very easy for defendants who receive traffic tickets to pay their tickets online and plead guilty. Many times in court a court representative will announce that people who want to have a trial or want to discuss their case will likely be in court all day and people who simply want to plead guilty and go on about their business for the day can come to the front and handle that. In addition, the announcement usually includes the fact that the court will accept debit or credit cards for payment. Do not mistake what we are trying to say – we understand that courts must collect fees and costs in order to operate and we are not against that. We are however in business of the professional practice of law to help people through difficult situations and look for alternative win win overall situations for people in order to resolve their cases.

Of the huge majority of people who simply choose the easy way out many, many times we get calls from them on the back end because their license is being suspended in their home state or they’ve gotten another violation and the one that they plead guilty to is preventing them from resolving future tickets.


No matter what your insurance agent or adjuster may tell you, having a traffic violation conviction on your record can prove to be devastating for the future. Although one traffic citation will likely not cause your insurance company to drop you if you have an accident later or a previous accident that a claim was paid on or if you get multiple violations in the future then the chances of your insurance premiums going up or your insurance being canceled are almost 100 percent. Insurance companies limit their risk by dropping risky policyholders or by increasing premiums to make up for the losses. Whether good, bad or indifferent it is simply the way things are.


If you simply plead guilty or are convicted of the current charge, you run a very serious risk of the court in a future case not being willing to work with you. Most courts will check your driving record prior to resolving a traffic case and if you have a prior record then it makes it more difficult. This is simply a fact of life when handling traffic violations. When we have clients who have multiple prior convictions or charges, we know what to do to give you the best chance of resolving the case favorably for you. If you have prior convictions or prior charges, you need to contact our office so that we can discuss with you our strategy and our approach in giving you the best possible opportunity for success in your case.

If you have multiple prior convictions or violations it does not mean that your current case is impossible to resolve favorably. We are not trying to indicate that a prior violation or conviction precludes an attorney from getting you a good result. We resolve cases with multiple prior violations many times and very successfully. What we are trying to say is that having a prior violation makes it more difficult for you in the future depending on where your future violation is and whether you hire an attorney or not.


If you have a job or in the future where you may be required to be added to a company insurance policy whether as a salesperson, a driver, a person who has to have a security clearance, or possibly a commercial driver, having convictions can limit your opportunity for employment or cause you to lose your job. Every traffic violation does not cause you to lose your job. But it is certainly better to handle those issues on the front end when you can and not later on down the line.


More and more states now are passing statutes that suspend a person’s driver’s license depending on the charge and the speed of a charge regardless of prior convictions, citations or charges. If you are in one of those states, and you simply plead guilty and pay your violation in Alabama, you run a very serious risk of having your license suspended. We receive many, many calls from people at all days and times of the year where they simply plead guilty and were convicted. You do not want to be one of those people because Alabama will report the conviction back to your home state.

In addition, if you have a commercial driver’s license, the consequences of a conviction are much more serious for you. This could include a suspension or a loss of your commercial driving privileges or of course could cause the loss of your insurance or the loss of your job.

The bottom line is this – we love people and we love helping people and we want to help you. Call us today to discuss your case or visit our web site at www.alabamaspeedingticket.com. Please do not wait. Call us 866 348 2889. We look forward to speaking to you soon.