Traffic Ticket 12


Over the years, we have refined a very successful process in assisting clients charged with traffic violations, DUI, and other type citations within the State of Alabama.  We have put together a very successful process that allows us to know what to do and to do exactly what we can to keep our clients updated, to remind them about sending us certain items, to give them the information they need for handling proactive steps should they choose to do so and completing the case and sending all items to the court that are required.

In almost every circumstance when you hire us you’re hiring us for handling your case and if there are any steps that you must take after the case is over then we will obtain the information the documents from you and submit it to the court for you.  This serves several purposes.  The first one is that it gives us control and gives us a record of exactly what was provided to the court.  Further, we know what the courts require and we can send them exactly what is necessary.

Our process works as you can see from the many comments from clients that we have helped in the past.  Call us today to discuss your case so that we can begin helping you.  866 348 2889.