There are many different steps in the process when you hire our office.  The most important thing that we do is to listen to our client to understand them and to gain insight into the charges against them, their history and current circumstances, and most of all to listen to develop the story.  As we have said in other parts of this site, we do not handle traffic tickets for our client.  We handle our client and listen to them and you will feel as though you are our only client.  We take pride in attention to detail and have processes and procedures in place that allow you to be kept informed about your case and all aspects of your defense.

1. The first step in the process is for you to contact our office.

2. The next step in the process is for us to send you information about your case and about our office and our attorney.

3. After you have made a decision to hire us, you can do so and we will begin working on your case immediately.

4. You will then sign some documents for us and begin letting us know more about you and your case.

5. In almost all circumstances, we can appear for you in Court.  We will have you sign documents that will allow us to do that.  If you are in a court or have a type case where you must appear with us then we will let you know that as well.

6. The following step is for us to either plan to appear on the court date that you were initially given or continue that date to allow you time to get items to us and for us to become familiar with you and your case.

7. We will then either appear in court for you without your presence or we will appear in court with you.

8. We will then begin developing your options and going over those with you.  You will make a decision whether to accept any agreement that has been resolved or we will begin discussions with you about the process to try your case or appeal your case.

9. Once your case is resolved, you will complete any items that are required by the court and then we will assist you in finalizing those with the court and your file will be finalized.

Your involvement in the steps in the process can be as much or as little as you determine.  You can be very involved in the case or you can give us the initial information, send us the documents back and be checked out of your case and not involved until we determine what options you have and we will contact you.

If a court allows us to appear for you with an affidavit then that does not mean that you cannot appear.  However, if someone lives in California or Alaska or Pennsylvania or any other state that is very far from Alabama, it usually saves our client quite a bit of money in order to have us appear for them.  As we said, if you ever want to appear in court with us on your case then we never discourage that and we are always happy to have you appear.

Please don’t wait.  All you have to do is call us.  We’ll send you information about us and give you enough information so that you can make the decision to hire our office to help you with your case.  We look forward to speaking with you, to getting to know you, and to working on your Alabama traffic violation currently pending.  Call us today 866 348-2889.

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