Traffic Ticket - Resolving by agreement


Many times resolving a case by agreement for a dismissal for a reduction to a non moving violation is an excellent option for many of our clients.  However, in some circumstances it is not a good option.  Those circumstances include if a conviction for a reduced charge, etc. would cause a license suspension or almost certain loss of a professional license or job then that option is not a good one.

Resolving a case by agreement is not losing the case.  In court, unfortunately we watch many defendants who are representing themselves go through the process and end up with a worse outcome than they could have gotten had they retained an attorney and had the attorney appear and work through the process with them.  This is related to many different factors but the main factor is that most people feel like they lose the case if it is resolved by agreement.

An example of this is the case that we resolved recently involving a CDL license holder and he was charged with a serious moving violation while in a commercial motor vehicle.  The problem in his case was that he also had a prior serious moving violation.  The facts of the case that we assisted him with were favorable to him.  While exploring options with the prosecutor we were able to discuss a reduced charge so that the truck driver was able to keep his license which would’ve been suspended had he been convicted of the charged offense and he was able to continue to feed his family.  When presenting this option to our client, we did not go to him and tell him this is the result and this is what you are going to do.

We took the time to explain everything to him and to explain the facts of his case to him and to give him all options including a trial of his case, an appeal of his case to a higher court, or he could accept the agreement that we had negotiated for him.  Ultimately with our guidance and experience and expertise, our responsibility is simply to create options and to present them to our traffic violation defense client in Alabama and guide them in making the decision about how they desire to resolve their case.  Ultimately, we will execute whatever plan our client chooses and it is the client’s choice as to how they resolve their Alabama speeding ticket or other violations.

You have nothing to lose by contacting our office to discuss your case with us.  We do not charge to consult with you initially and we can answer any questions you might have and go over the process with you.  Please do not wait until the last minute to contact us.  Judges and clerks are all short-staffed in Alabama right now as they have been for many months and continuing cases at the last minute is many times a difficult task.  Call us today to discuss your case.  866 348-2889.