What should I do if I am charged with an Alabama Speeding Ticket? Do I need an Alabama traffic defense lawyer?

If you are charged with an Alabama speeding or traffic ticket then the scenario more than likely went something like this:  You were driving down a highway or interstate or city street and it is alleged that you violated some state law in the Alabama rules of the road or that you violated a city ordinance if located within the municipal jurisdiction or corporate limits of a municipality.  These could be cities such as Homewood, Hoover, Vestavia Hills, Spanish Fort, Daphne, Huntsville, Decatur, or some other city.

Once you pulled over the officer or state trooper or sheriff’s deputy would have approached your car and asked you some questions.  Generally they will ask for your license and registration and possibly your insurance card, etc.

You may or may not have pled your case on the side of the road or interstate but if you did and were polite then that could have a neutral or favorable affect on your case.  If for some reason you happen to be a jerk to the officer in response to the officer or he or she may have been rude to you, this could play a major factor in your case and could hurt your case.

Following the citation being issued you were then probably given a court date or a phone number to call to either contest your ticket and have a court date or to just pay your ticket online or through the mail.

If you are searching for an Alabama traffic ticket defense attorney then more than likely you have not paid your ticket or you already have a court date set.  We can help you and this is how:  When you receive a traffic citation in Alabama you really have three options:

1.         You can just plead guilty and pay your ticket without appearing in court if it is on offense that does not require a court appearance;

2.         You can represent yourself and go to court and attempt to resolve the case on your own whether by plea agreement or by trial;

3.         The other option is to hire an attorney to attempt to negotiate a settlement of the case with the city prosecutor or district attorney for the state or have a trial in your case.

Most people think that they can represent themselves in court and they often do so.  The problem with doing this on your Alabama speeding ticket or traffic citation charge is that if you’re unfamiliar with how these cases go then you may receive an offer on your case to settle it that is actually a very good agreement and a good deal and you may choose to reject that offer unknowingly.  Further, you may say some things to a prosecutor or a judge that causes you trouble in your ability to resolve the case by agreement.

If for no other reason you need to have counsel with you and to help you because your time is valuable and you more than likely will end up sitting in court most of a morning or afternoon or an entire day and this could cause trouble with you, your family, your job, and your case.

Unfortunately, there are many times when we are in court representing our clients and we see defendants representing themselves and making grave mistakes in judgment in what they say and do because they are unfamiliar with the process.  Frankly, some attorneys are doing this as well.  As a matter of fact, some attorneys wonder why anyone would hire an attorney to represent them in a speeding ticket and they just don’t understand the potential consequences related to finances and that insurance rates and such will go up or related to inability to resolve future cases or related to professional commercial drivers, etc.

As you can see, given everything that we just went over above we think that the only answer in this circumstance is that yes you do need to hire an attorney to represent you on your traffic violation in Alabama.  It is the right thing to do in order to protect your record, your job, and future issues that could possibly arise from a conviction.  Call us today – don’t wait!  The sooner we begin working on your case the more information we can get from you and we will be better prepared in dealing with the prosecutor and the judge and the officers involved.  We are here to help you and certainly do not mind discussing your case with you before you make a decision about hiring a lawyer.


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