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Sylacauga, Alabama Traffic Ticket Attorney – Traffic ticket in Sylacauga, Alabama? Call (866) 348-2889 today!

Sylacauga, Alabama Traffic Ticket Attorney – Call (866) 348-2889 to discuss your speeding, running a red light, or other Traffic ticket. Experienced Sylacauga, AL Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney.


One reason you pay so much when you are ticketed for, say, driving with a broken taillight is that there’s a surcharge added to your ticket to help victims of violent crimes. There’s also an add-on that pays for training police officers, another to provide services to people with traumatic brain injuries, another to build new court facilities and one to protect the state’s wildlife.

In fact, about 80% of what Californians pay for their moving violations isn’t part of the base fine at all, but is necessary to cover the many assessments and surcharges tacked on over the years to pay for state and county government operations that have nothing to do with cars or driving



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