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Prattville, Alabama Traffic Ticket Attorney – Traffic ticket in Prattville, Alabama? Call (866) 348-2889 today!

Prattville, Alabama Traffic Ticket Attorney – Call (866) 348-2889 to discuss your speeding, running a red light, or other Traffic ticket. Experienced Prattville, AL Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney.


It’s long been rumored that red cars get stopped the most by police. Although that’s proved to be an urban legend, it turns out the vehicle you’re in may play a part in how often you’re pulled over, according to a study from

The car insurance comparison-shopping website looked at data from 526 models and more than 557,000 recent customers to determine which vehicles received the most traffic violations and the Subaru WRX sped to the top of the list. The study found a whopping one in three drivers of the turbocharged sport-compact has a recent traffic violation, ranking it the most-ticketed car overall.



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