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Your Options with An Alabama Traffic Ticket Attorney 


Most People Give Up and Pay Their Ticket


National statistics indicate that 95% of people that receive a traffic ticket simply pay the ticket and mail in the fine and costs.  This is pleading guilty when done in Alabama and is considered a conviction and will be reported to the Alabama Department of Public Safety in Montgomery (now known as the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency).  If one receives and Alabama Traffic Ticket and has an out of state license then Montgomery sends the conviction on to the state that issued the license of the driver and that state will take action against the driver license.

Even If You Are Factually Guilty You Still Have Options 


The reason most people just mail in their fine and court costs and plead guilty is because they are guilty or they just don’t want to waste the time going to Alabama traffic court or they are intimidated by the process. Believe it or not, many people out there are unaware that their are Alabama traffic lawyers like us that are available to handle a traffic ticket for them and have the experience required to get great results.


We get it. You are an honest hard-working person and you take responsibility for your actions and you are not a liar.  Guess what?  We are as well and we take pride in the reputation that we have as being honest. When we make statements to others lawyers, our clients or to the court, they know that what we are saying is the truth.


We know what you are thinking now.  So, if you are factually guilty and we tell the truth then how do you have options?  As Alabama Traffic Ticket Attorneys, we don’t go into Court and raise hell screaming that our client is not guilty (unless we have triable issues and we are trying your case 🙂 )   Some lawyers do that on every single case and it drives people up the wall.  Our goal in every single case is to develop options for our clients and work out win-win agreements to resolve cases so that our clients charges ultimately are dismissed.  In a trial, a Judge or Jury determines the facts and in the end renders a verdict of guilty or not guilty.  When we are handling a case that is being resolved by agreement, the options that we have are numerous in working with the officer involved, the prosecutor, our client and ultimately the Court to work out an agreement to have the Alabama traffic charge dismissed.


How Are Options Developed 


For starters, as described above, we are honest.  Next, on every single case we handle, we will give you options as to items you can handle proactively depending on the severity of your Alabama traffic charge(s), prior record, relationship with the officer / law enforcement at the time of the stop, etc.  The most important thing that we do is we learn about you – your story, your history, what was going on that day, details about the facts of the case, etc.  All of those items become very important as we move through the process of resolving the case.  It always helps for us to humanize you to the parties involved so that they can see the entire picture as to what was going on that day of the stop and who you are.


On cases with factual issues, we go over trial options with our clients and explain settling the case versus going through the trial process and the steps involved.  We want out clients to be fully informed and to make well-informed decisions throughout the entire process.


Do Not Give Up 


Do not give up.  Know that we are here and available to assist you with your Alabama Traffic or Speeding Ticket.  Our initial consultation is always available to you at no cost because we want you to know your options.  Call us today to begin the conversation – (866) 348-2889 .

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