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Gordon, Alabama Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Gordon, Alabama Traffic Ticket Lawyer – Traffic ticket in Gordon, Alabama? Call (866) 348-2889 to discuss your speeding, running a red light, or other Traffic ticket.

Gordon, Alabama Traffic Lawyer – Handled 1000’s of Traffic and DUI cases in statewide. Call ( 866) 348-2889 to discuss your Traffic ticket with Gordon, Alabama Traffic Ticket Lawyer.


An effort to force Iowa to expunge and refund thousands of traffic tickets is an “extreme measure” that would create “a most profound impact to the detriment of public safety,” the state argued in court documents made public Wednesday.

Iowa asked the Polk County District Court to dismiss an effort to create a class-action lawsuit against the state, following an October judge’s ruling that the state’s transportation department did not have legal authority to issue a speeding ticket to 16-year-old Peyton Atzen.


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