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Flomaton, Alabama Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Flomaton, Alabama Traffic Ticket Lawyer – Traffic ticket in Flomaton, Alabama? Call (866) 348-2889 to discuss your speeding, running a red light, or other Traffic ticket.

Flomaton, Alabama Traffic Lawyer – Handled 1000’s of Traffic and DUI cases in statewide. Call ( 866) 348-2889 to discuss your Traffic ticket with Flomaton, Alabama Traffic Ticket Lawyer.


Few things about life in L.A. cause readers to gripe more than traffic. So it’s no surprise that when the one thing thought to bring relief from road congestion (not driving) costs more in both money and stress, letter writers make their displeasure known.

In response to The Times’ article Tuesday reporting that a handful of L.A. neighborhoods get a disproportionate share of attention (and $73 tickets) from the city’s parking officers on street-sweeping days, readers wrote of their own frustration after finding those ubiquitous white envelopes on their windshields. Several accused City Hall of disingenuousness in its rigorous enforcement of street-sweeping restrictions, but a few said drivers have only themselves to blame.



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