Alabama CDL Traffic Ticket Lawyer – Federal Masking of Convictions Statute – 49 §CFR 384.226

Alabama CDL Traffic Ticket Lawyer  – Joseph C. Kreps Discusses 49 §CFR 384.226 – Prohibiting the Masking of CONVICTIONS concerning CDL truck drivers in Alabama.

From :  “What is considered “masking” under the MCSIA?

The state of Missouri requested clarification from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regarding the masking provisions outlined in the Motor Carrier Safety Improvement Act that became effective on September 30, 2005.  The following scenarios were addressed and responses published on March 20, 2006.

Note) FMCSA: Generally, for masking or diversion to occur, there first must be a judgment of guilt. For example, masking may occur when the court holds the paperwork on a conviction for some reason and does not allow the State to take appropriate action. Diversion may occur when the court allows a driver — after an adjudication of guilt — to perform alternate services such as traffic school to get the conviction erased.”

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