Having a traffic ticket pending is very different in Alabama than in most other states. Whether we agree with it or not, it is what it is.

Many of our clients from neighboring states such as Florida, Missouri, North Carolina, and other states oftentimes get upset with us because of the process in Alabama. We will not spend our time worrying about what the process is for an Alabama traffic ticket or worrying about whether we can change it. We know what the process is and we know how to operate within the system that the legislature has enacted.

Alabama is different because traffic or speeding or reckless driving tickets and citations are criminal misdemeanor charges in Alabama. I have included the statute section below where it clearly indicates the same. In states such as Florida, a traffic citation is a misdemeanor offense. Is a civil offense. What you need to know is that the process for an Alabama traffic ticket takes quite a bit longer than in most other states and is more complex as well. There are many states that are similar to Alabama but a lot of states that are different.

The difference for traffic tickets in Alabama does not affect you as much.  You just need to know going into it that it is somewhat of a complex scenario and these traffic citations and tickets that you receive are set on the same type dockets as a DUI or driving under the influence charge and more serious traffic violations such as driving while revoked or driving while suspended.

What this means for you generally is that it is oftentimes more expensive to hire an attorney to litigate a traffic citation in Alabama than it is to in another state or a state where the process is simplified and the violations are simply violations and not criminal misdemeanors or they are civil infractions.  You should know that we strive to keep our fees as low as possible because our number one goal in handling traffic violations is to attempt to have your case dismissed and to limit any further exposure for you.  We understand that traffic offenses for many people mean a possible loss of license, loss of your job, loss of a commercial driver’s license, or increased insurance premiums and financial burden over the next few years.  Increased financial burdens for families during this time in our country’s history can lead to other more serious problems such as drug and alcohol addiction and/or fighting amongst spouses or even possibly divorce.  We understand that every single traffic citation is serious and is especially important to the defendant, our client, and to the office and the attorney in our office that is handling the case.

It doesn’t cost you anything to call our office and talk about your traffic violation in Alabama.  We encourage you to do so and we encourage you to provide us with an email address so that we can send you information about past cases we have handled, about us, and about what we can do to help you.  That is what we are in the business of – helping you and helping our clients work through issues related to traffic violations, driver’s license issues, and more serious criminal offenses.  The decision is yours about who you hire and whether you hire an attorney to litigate your traffic violation.  Many times we can handle your case without your having to appear in court with us and without you having to visit our office.  We represent hundreds of people per year that are simply traveling through Alabama and do not reside here and never plan to come back to Alabama regarding their traffic citation or speeding ticket violation.

Don’t wait – call us today – at (866) 348-2889 or visit our other web site at  We are here to help you and look forward to doing so.